Employment 2016

We are looking for a part-time worker on our farm, for Mondays and Fridays. Additional days could
be added. Small Potatoes Farm in central Iowa is in its 12th year as a certified organic vegetable

Our farm is about ten acres, with three in cultivated production at any one time. Small Potatoes' main
market and focus is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), although we do have a small amount
of additional wholesale sales. This model has allowed us to have both a small, intensively managed
farm that provides the majority of our family income. Our income is stable and adequate, a result of
creating efficient systems in areas such as record keeping, weed management, harvest, packaging
and delivery.

The job would be helpful for someone who is considering starting a small vegetable farm gain
important skills to be successful, or determine whether this ultimately would be the right career path
for them. We are open to discussing our finances and farm history in detail.  Although CSA farms
have increased in number and popularity in the last ten years, there is a wide range of financial

Of paramount importance is to find someone who is engaged with their work and is eager to be part
of a functional small farm.

Whether you are considering starting your own farm in the future, or just desire to work within the
local food system, we wish you well on your journey. Please let us know if we can be of any


Farm and Location: Small Potatoes Farm, Minburn, IA (35 miles northwest of Des Moines, 40 miles
southwest of Ames)

Experience: Our farm is entering its 12th year of production and we feel we have become a
successful, stable small direct-market farm. We have met our goals of financial security, while
maintaining and improving environmental enhancements and community involvement. We have well-
developed systems of crop production, rotation, harvesting, handling, and distribution. We also have
reliable and effective record-keeping and communication systems. We feel our choice of labor the
next five years should focus on candidates who would benefit from learning and adapting those
successful aspects of our farming system to their own future operations. We have had significant
part-time employment for ten years. From 2008 to 2015 we hired one full-time seasonal employee
each season.

Description: Mostly horticultural, with some small fruit and a small laying flock. Certified organic
vegetables (since 2005), free-ranging poultry. Approximately 85% of our farm revenue comes from
Community Supported Agriculture. CSA produce is delivered to approximately 100 families in the
Ames-Des Moines corridor on a weekly basis at six main delivery locations. Remaining significant
revenue is generated through wholesale marketing to retail groceries.

Job Title: Seasonal Worker

Terms, Hours, Status: 16 - 35 hours per week, full-time hourly position paid commensurate with
experience. ($9.0 – 11.00/h)

Other benefits: Daily hot lunch, 30 minutes paid. Surplus vegetables.

Work Activities: Work activities center around two main tasks - managing weeds and packing shed
delivery preparation. Managing weeds involves several strategies, including pushing a wheel hoe,
using handled and hand hoes and hand weeding. Packing shed duties include washing, weighing
and packaging vegetables, filling and dumping water, sorting and cleaning. Other activities are too
numerous to mention, but include mulching, thinning, pruning, digging, harvesting, staking, and
planting vegetables. Some care of chickens may also be required. Occasional jobs might include
maintenance such as painting, cutting wood or delivering orders.

Minimum qualifications: Work sometimes must proceed regardless of weather conditions. Candidates
should be able to work in cold, wet or hot conditions. Being physically fit is necessary as work can
often be fast-paced for long periods of time. Ability to lift 50 or more pounds.

Skills desired: Skills desired are punctuality, reliability, basic plant biology, ability to understand and
become proficient in complex tasks, attention to detail, the ability to communicate, the ability to think
ahead and anticipate problems and make adjustments when necessary, the ability to understand the
larger rational behind specific tasks, the ability to work independently for long periods, self-starting.
Good English speaking skills.

Start Date (approx): immediately

End Date (approx): November, 15, 2016

Contact: Rick Hartmann by phone (515) 677-2438 or email smpotatofarm@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.smallpotatoesfarm.com/