CSA - Community Supported Agriculture
Our farm connects to families and individuals through our Community
grown, there is no single definition of what a CSA is.
More like a traditional CSA, our members are the focus of work and the
core of our farming operation. In 2015, members provided nearly 90% of
our planned annual budget (when including eggs) and received at least
that portion of the farm's harvest. We do not take advantage of additional
markets for short-term financial gain if it would impact the fair share of our
member's harvest. We have a deep appreciation for the health,
relationships and support of our CSA members. Our CSA is much more
than just an additional market.
and keep them stored in prime condition. Although there is and
economic points of view, we feel it should also be of better
quality and flavor than conventional alternatives.

Our CSA and farm truly embrace a sustainable and
environmentally enhancing approach to farming. Although we
do not have all the answers, we do spend considerable time
and resources to maintain and improve soil and water quality
and use ecological services in our farming system. We are
certified organic. To some, certification is a difficult and time
consuming process, but we feel it is important to our members
and our own values. We think the independent third-party
certification process and the added scrutiny and
record-keeping makes us a better managed farm.

In addition, we have created both beneficial insect and
pollinator habitat on the farm, taken steps to improve organic
matter and severely reduce erosion through extensive cover
cropping, reconstructed prairie, and improved tree and shrub
habitat for insects and animals.