CSA members purchase a "share" of the farm's seasonal harvest. The CSA is the focus of
our farm. Shares are sized to the needs of an 'average' membership. It should be
accommodating for a four-person family, or two adult vegetarians. Household eating habits
vary greatly, however. Our continuous annual surveys indicate the majority of members
are satisfied with the amount of produce received (98% of respondents said 'good' or 'very
good' after the 2015 season).

Our weekly CSA deliveries, especially in regards to perishable crops, are comprised of
freshly harvested vegetables and herbs. It would be unusual, for example, to receive lettuce
more than 24 h old and much of our vegetables are harvested early the morning of delivery.

Regular Share

In 2016, CSA share deliveries will probably begin the last week of May or first week of
June, with a delivery of asparagus, rhubarb, chives and green onions. Often we can sneak
some asparagus and green onions in earlier than that. Spring temperatures and rain will
dictate how early we can begin.

Other crops delivered in past seasons include: arugula, lettuces, some greens, spinach,
kohlrabi, various summer squashes, various types of carrots, a variety of potatoes, garlics,
garlic scapes, eggplant, tomatoes, cilantro, sweet peppers, hot peppers, winter squashes,
green, yellow and filet beans, snow and snap peas, gourds, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,
basil, annual and perennial onions, mint, melons, various beets, sweet potatoes and a few
other odds and ends. Changes in cropping reflect our member survey information.

Extended Share

We can extend the season for about half our regular share members, adding another 4-5
weeks with late fall crops. We generally deliver more winter squash, carrots, beets, garlic,
potatoes, kales, cabbages and sometimes more broccoli, lettuce and cauliflower.

Greens Share

In 2008 we began offering a greens share - a braising greens share. Our members fall into
two main camps on braising greens - one camp that really loves to cook with them and one
that likes them a little. The result was an affordable 'greens share' option to receive about
15 consecutive weeks of greens starting about mid-June. This will include chard, kales,
collards. Sometimes we experiment with beet greens, turnip greens, and mustard. For the
regular and extended shares we will still deliver greens, but occasionally.

Pricing 2016

$540 regular share, $146 extended share and $85 greens share. There is a small discount
for farm pickup. In 2011, we instituted a freeze on pricing increases beyond trailing
inflation figures so members have a good idea from year to year what their costs will be.
We did this for two main reason. One, the farm had become relatively stable in revenue and
expenses. Two, our members represent a wide range of household incomes. Many are
starting families and we felt all should have access to affordable fresh, organic local


We have a small laying flock of mostly Arucana and Black Austolopes who seasonally lay
enough greenish, pinkish, bluish and brown eggs to sell. They roost in perches and
generally have free reign. They receive no medications or beak cuttings. Our feed is from a
local feed mill that does not put in antibiotics. Because we don't make them endure
artificially light, they don't lay much in the winter, especially the Arucanas (days too short).
This freedom and natural expression produces really great tasting eggs. Just not a lot of
them. We send out notices when they are available to purchase.