CSA - Small Potatoes Eggs
natural life we can offer a domesticated chicken.

Even at farmer's markets, 'natural' and 'free-range' chickens often come from crowded condition requiring the hens to
have their beaks trimmed to prevent cannibalistic behavior. We know of popular market vendors who do this. We have
never had a problem with this condition, however.

Our layers are not the type that have been created for maximum egg production. We find modern engineered birds to
have less intelligence, less foraging ability. We would rather have 'normal' birds, even at the expense of egg production.
Our main breed has its origins from South America, does well in Iowa and produces a beautiful array of blue, green and
pink eggs.

Our egg production is very cyclical. It stops completely about mid-December. This is partly due to the cold weather, but
mainly because of the length of the days. We choose not to use artificial light to keep egg production up all year round.
We prefer our flock has a rest cycle just as the fields, the crops and the farmers.

The result is an very good tasting egg. There is no reason all eggs couldn't taste that way, however, they are extremely
rare. We send out notices from time to time to sign up for egg deliveries with your CSA box. Price is $5 per dozen,
delivered at the rate of 1 - 2 dozen per week. Often, we have more requests than eggs available for a weekly delivery.

Please support small, sustainable egg production - whether ours or others.